You have a website that does okay,
but you want to increase the
traffic to your site and you want
it to be free traffic. Build a community!!

You must take the time
to become the authority and have
the necessary expertise in your

Have the community ask you
questions. By doing so, you will be
on your way to providing useful,
valuable, high quality content.
That’s what Google really cares
about. When you provide answers to
questions asked by your community,
Google will rank your website very
well for the keyword terms you
would not have come up with on your
own, but these keywords do show up
in your answers to questions.

You create loyalty among your
community members and you rank well
with Google at the same time. You
could say that is a win-win! Now
you have members in your community
that are going to share and tell

To your success,

James McEwen

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